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March 16, 2009
By Taymour BRONZE, Cairo, Other
Taymour BRONZE, Cairo, Other
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Have you ever feel like it will be the last time to kiss your mother saying "Goodbye, I wont be late", the last time to shut the door, stepping the stairs down, and greet the house guarder wishing him a peaceful night.

Strange mysterious feeling that I'm going without return, yes I' wont be late cause I wont comeback in fact.
I was freezing, shaking, trying to avoid some kind of shiver by hugging my body by arms, although the air was stagnant and the weather was warm.
Each time I think about those thoughts, a cold shiver flow from my toes to the highest point in my head.
It's the last time to walk in this street, to see this people.
I feel that, I feel the signs of my destiny, nothing visible but only feeling.
Walking lonely in the main street, terrifying silence telling me that something abnormal will occur.

I guess I've realized the deep meaning of destiny from about two days, what happened, what we are doing, what comes next.
Each single move was meant to be, was meant to occur in that place in this moment with this circumstances.
I'm walking in the street cause this is my destiny, these small events which slip under our feet, passing with no concern from us and collided together to form the scenes of our lives.
It happened every moment, you just have done something and then you haven't realized that you have fulfilled your destiny. That something you've done was written in a book, and was meant to happen whether you agreed or not.

I was walking lonely examining the surrounded faces and places like it will be the last look, I've searched for some friends, maybe to break the loneliness wall.
Fortunately few friends were playing a cards game, I was trying to focus in the game, seeking for an exciting moment, time goes on, boredom still exists.

Suddenly I heard a song from somewhere, ohhh, this song!!
It's been a while'
It reminds me by a girl I used to know.
Its destiny to hear this song, to remember that girl, its destiny to remember those days, to feel a slight pain, to touch an endless grief in the memory of losing someone we used to love.

Confusion was my partner, to stay in this climate, or to leave and search for something else to do.
What I was trying to prove to myself that destiny is destiny.
Destiny exists, destiny written, destiny is preplanned and determined.

If I chose to stay at home, that would be my destiny, but I chose to go out, so it's my destiny.
I can't choose destiny or change it and nobody can, because if anything supposed to happen, so whether we chose to do it or not, whether we tried to change it or not, it will happen ant it will be our fate which we can't run from it and it's predetermined by God.
While I was trying to analyze these ideas, I was stepping the stairs up back to my home.

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Taymour said...
on Jan. 3 2010 at 12:59 am
Thank you for your comment =)

Fayrouz SILVER said...
on Dec. 27 2009 at 12:53 pm
Fayrouz SILVER, Fargo, North Dakota
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This is sweet. Reminds me of a movie I saw. Just get the grammar correct...have a few better word choices and it will sound better. :D

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