March 15, 2009
We see people constantly talking and preaching on world peace,but its never going to happen. It's like saying that "Batman" and the "The Joker" could coexist. There's always going to be a right and a wrong and people are going to continue doing as they please. You can't believe that the U.S. can make nuclear bombs for defense and expect other countries to stand by and watch. They too are going to build the bombs and wait for a moment when the opponent is vulnerable. The Bible says that "All men are created equal" ,but do you think that the people in Iraq and those of any other religion are going to take that into consideration as they blow us up. Its like a game of Battleship, the first one down loses. So, stop parading around with the talk of world peace. Those we fight think their cause is right and we think its wrong. We'll never be able to agree.

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