What is similar to humans but have an advanced mode of thinking?

March 13, 2009
By Jane Johnson BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
Jane Johnson BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
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Robots are very cool. You may hear myths how robots are going to rule the world someday in the future but'I don't think so.

You see'Isaac Aminov built the first 'modern' robot. And put 4 laws to this.
To summarize the laws for you well'robots were made to help out with human jobs and they were never meant to harm humans. And WE made them so we have the brains to destroy them'I don't get that mythic logic, unless the guy who made that up knew nothing of robots. So this fantasy stuff you can just forget about it bub!

See my title'Robots are similar to humans'I say this because for one they have the 'smarts' of humans' man made them so I guess they have the 'right' to have some brains. I mean like, we program them to have the intelligence they DO have.

Well as I say WE made robots so the REAL question is'Why do we have the intelligence to make a robot and not all people in this world can make it to college or drop out and no one creates 'new' inventions. I finally figured this answer out after a long period of research and it's because people are too lazy in this world. We have as much time as we do and some people don't feel like doing anything beneficial and they might sit on a couch and snack on a bag of cheetos. Don't get me wrong! Cheetos are good! And some people may work too hard already and need a break; but people out there who don't do anything and are inactive will eventually become lazy, stupid, and obese! I gotta admit I'm lazy at times too, but when I get myself straight I get the working on projects and research. It's not that hard people! Just be persisting and TRY! You may fail but don't let that stop you. And since this laziness has come in the way robots tend to be an escape-goat for human learning, AKA calculators. Most of the time it's laziness but I can then understand that more extended problems may need to be solved with this device.

I guess this is all for now. Remember don't be lazy and then go crazy, when you can do something beneficial and help another out! ^_^

The author's comments:
i'm thirteen but still aas a youngster I can understand what needs to change in this world. I know that people can make a difference and things could be better if we worked together to do something great.

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