Modern Nicotine

March 13, 2009
By Anonymous

What can be more addicting than cigarettes and caffeine and never physically get into your body? Well this addicting substance can not be ingested or smoked? What is it? The internet! The internet is today's modern nicotine for every owner of a computer. This addiction can ruin lives and your intelligence, but your physical health will always be intact unless you get extremely addicted. IN that case you never go outside because you are just trolling online; as a result, you get really fat.

This addiction can be seen everywhere, even at your school. The internet is dumbing-down the every day student. It is so simple to Google something for your essay and click 'I'm feeling luck.' How lucky? Wikipedia lucky. It is so simple to get information using this method that if you do not allow students to use Wikipedia they will freak out. Not allowing Wikipedia is like taking away the cigarettes from a 3-pack a day smoker, the withdrawal symptoms are very similar.

Not only has the internet affected a student's research skills but it has affected everyone's lives. There are many things the internet has replaced for many people such as shopping and ordering pizzas. Yes, you can order pizzas online. The biggest addiction can especially be seen with people on networking websites. Can you go on the internet and avoid logging into Facebook or Myspace? Or can you avoid refreshing your email waiting for the reply? If no, plug your Ethernet cable out and do something with your life.

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