It’s Not Just a Title or Position

November 25, 2016
By Legendary_005 BRONZE, Auburn Hills, Michigan
Legendary_005 BRONZE, Auburn Hills, Michigan
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Leadership, leaders…..all great and high moral characters. People that are indeed very confident and know what they want; their vision. Some--as we know throughout history-- can stand for good or for bad. But, they still have loyal or many followers and their goals, visions, and plans were executed. Not everyone thinks they can be a leader though. Many don’t even know what a true leader is! Well, leaders don’t just come one way.

Warren G. Bennis once said,” Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” First of all, leaders need a vision to work toward. Without that, what would their cause be? If you want to be a leader, well, you already are. You just need to find it inside of you...pull it out, and go for it. Listen to what your goal is and strive to get it. Going around with a simple vision and plan all day is good. Now, not acting on that plan won’t help you, would it? The only way for your vision to turn into reality is for you to do something about it. That is where your confidence and other leadership qualities come in.

Self-control, respect, kindness without weakness, compassion, tolerance and patience, confidence, honesty, sense of humor, and courage are all leader-worthy qualities. They all work together to form someone people want to follow. I know that you may think or feel you lack some of these attributes, but you have them in you. Everyone does, trust me. It just takes time, which is perfectly okay. On the contrary, there are ‘natural born leaders’ in this world. Even they have struggles. Through all of the confidence they show, the bravery, and kindness and courage, the latter is what they really have more of. See, courage isn’t the absence of fear, but the willingness to take on their fears. They have just learned not to show that they are afraid, and some will admit to that.

To be a leader, you need followers. Afterall, who would you be leading? The term “leader” wouldn’t make sense at that point. The definition of a leader is, “The person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country.” Followers are very important though. They are just as relevant as the leader. They help out and input their ideas as well, and it takes a great leader to respect and understand their followers. To be honest and incorporate their followers’ ideas. Ultimately, being a spectacular leader means being someone that you would want to follow. As long as the follower’s wishes come true in the vision, along with the leader’s, everything should work out.
One leader does not have very quality possible. All of your faults and shortcomings and talents may differ from others. For example, your followers. When you work together, great things are accomplished and you can find yourself. Some people we consider leaders might not know who they are, or ever know this, but they can have a vision worth working for. If it seems like the way to achieve your objective is tedious or tiresome, don’t worry. Persevere and get through it because the harder the task, the sweeter the outcome. By all means, giving up is the last thing you’d ever want to actually do. No great leader takes the easy way out or quits. That would be a cowardly and weak move. If anything like this were to happen or make you feel this way, talk with your followers and get a better plan made. Where would we be now without the leadership, confidence, and high moral spirit. Amazing leaders have great nerve. If your vision involves extreme challenges, get filled with determination and keep going, because leadership isn’t just a role or position, it’s inspiring others to change. Like Mahatama Gandhi said; “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

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