Rice, the fad thats destroying cars nationwide

March 13, 2009
By jake kutak BRONZE, Lyons, Illinois
jake kutak BRONZE, Lyons, Illinois
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This is for all of those people in general that buy those mufflers and exhausts from popular "tuning" stores (notice the quotations) like Murrays or Pep Boys or AutoZone. Those exhausts do nothing to our cars performance. In fact, they might even restrict your cars exhaust fume flow and actually slow your car down. Also, they sound terrible, even though it might sound good INSIDE the car, to everyone on the outside world; it sounds as if your car in going down the road constantly farting! And I cannot stand the altezza lights (you have all seen them: the silver and bright red reflective lights on most "tuner" import cars (again notice the quotations). You are not cool in any way. You are just proving that you can take a decent car, and strip it down to something terrible, something that goes the same speed as a stock model of the same car, and something that looks horrendous and fun to laugh at. If you want to know what I mean by rice, just go to www.laughatrice.com and see what I mean. And I hate to say it, but this whole "rice" faze is because of the movie the fast and the furious! Because of that movie and people seeing their popular import car in it, they believe that they are racers and can outrun police, it's ridiculous. And I would like to clarify, when people are racing, there is actual turning, not that going in straight line stuff. That's DRAG racing, there is a big difference!
All in all, people with exhausts that sound like farts, do us all a favor, and put the stock one on and stop disturbing everyone else on the road, and chances are, there is someone out there that's faster than you. So there is no point acting cool with a bright orange or green Honda civic or Nissan sentra(just examples) that's lowered and has a cheesy body kit( which by the way, on front wheel cars, INCREASES DRAG WHICH SLOWS DOWN THE CAR,NOT MAKING IT FASTER) and stick on fender vents, and a huge exhaust.

Thank you for listening and feel free to comment

The author's comments:
by the way if you are wondering, okay mr bigshot, what are you driving. well i drive a 90' volkswagen corrado(google it) its supercharged, light( only 2600 pounds) and yes, unlike most people who commit the sin of "ricing" out their cars, it is a manual trans.

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on Mar. 21 2009 at 9:49 pm
ElizabethS. PLATINUM, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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I know virtually nothing of cars, but I do know that this article could use a fair amount of editing. It sounds more like a rant than an opinion, leading people to disregard everything you say. First, fix spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Then go through and set up your paragraphs in an orderly fashion, giving a specific purpose to each paragraph, even if you only have two paragraphs. Order and proper grammar makes a piece of writing stand out and gets people to pay attention to it. Also, don't use so many parentheses. They are unnecessary.

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