The Cup inside My Mind

March 4, 2009
By Jennifer Ellison BRONZE, Temperance, Michigan
Jennifer Ellison BRONZE, Temperance, Michigan
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I'm different.

Why am I different? Because I can see things not many other people can see. I see within my mind, a beautiful clear cup, slowly filling with drops of crystal clear water. The cup was, for a long time, empty, gathering dust in a corner in the furthest reaches of my mind. For a long time, no drops fell into the cup and I remained as desolate as the cup, itself. Backed into a lonely corner, shadowed in darkness and despair, trapped within my own fantasies and limitations, I watched others grow, laugh and learn. I watched as I was kept back from the others, learning similar things over and over again, like Sisyphus, forever rolling the boulder up the hill, and forever failing. The cups belonging to others quickly began to fill, the drops falling every faster for them. But for me, they took their time to come. My cup remained empty for many, long, hard and tearful years.

Then, one day, I received an invitation to an unusual affair and upon attending, found my place, at last. I discovered others like me, who didn't always have to wait for the drops to fall, but had had difficult times accepting who they were destined to be. There was no such thing as the in-crowd or the out-crowd. We were all the same, here.

Here, I met a special friend and the combination of the events previously mentioned triggered a memorable, miraculous thing; the drops began to fall.

Drip! Drip! Drip!

They fell steadily for the first time, into the cup inside my mind. Now, they will continue to fall until the cup finally becomes full. I know not when that will be. All I know is that everyone's cup becomes full at some point in their lives. That is the time that they move on to another cup, another place, another world.

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