Puppy Prices Should Be Lowered

October 5, 2016
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Have you ever want a puppy and your parents says, “No, they’re too expensive.” Puppies are cute and adorable but, Cats, Kittens, and Puppies are $60, and Adult Dogs are $50 at a adoption center in Peninsula (Clift). Puppies should price should be lowered, so families who want a pet can get a pet.

Most important fact, is that at a Adoption Center in Peninsula puppies price are too expensive. They’re $60 for puppies, kittens, and cats. When adult dogs are only $50. Puppies are $10 more which some families cannot afford (Clift). Puppys need family so do adult dogs. Adult dogs have a hard time being adopted as well (Lauren).

Second, fact is that people who want to adopt a puppy are to picky. They want a specific breed, age, look, or size (Warhol). In my experience my parent where looking for a husky puppy and they wanted one the looked liked ‘Black and White (not spot) fur and Blue eyes. The husky puppy we got was a ‘Orangish brown fur, with a white underbelly, and Blue eyes’. They have to picky to buy a puppy which is bring up the price because they aren't getting sold.

Thirdly, older pets have a harder time being adopted, then puppys (Lauren). Would you or your parent adopt a teen? It’s the same thing because you want to raise it and train it to act like how you want it. It goes along the topic, of people are to pick about the dog breed, age, appearance, or size. Cats and kitten have more of a family because they can have more in one house, unlike if you have more than one dog sometimes they’ll fight and it gets messy.

On the contrary, not all dogs fight some can be friendly to everyone. It just depends on who the own is and what the own wanted the dog to be like a guard dog, or a helping dog, but some dog don’t always get along with each other even if they were not trained to be like that.

In conclusion, puppys price should be lowered because they need homes. Actually all pet price should lowered but that a topic for another day. Puppies prices should be lowered because people are to picky and maybe if the price is lowered a bunch of puppies would be adopted. Ask your parents the next time you go the to pet stop, “ Can we get a pet?” and if they say no just keep repeating it.



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