October 5, 2016
By Anonymous

Relationships (romantic or unromantic) are good support for lifelong companionship. The relationships we project with other people are the relationships we have with ourselves. Most relationships we have with other people consist of thoughts we have with ourselves but placed on specific people. Some things we see with other people is because we look at them using different perspectives.

The relationships we have with others are like a support group they are almost always there for us. Such as brothers and sisters growing close or husband and wife living and loving each other (Raghuwanshi, Monika). There are themes for most human relationships such as negative inputs call for negative outputs making the relationship unstable and unhealthy. The company and help of others can get you far in life with more outlets to other places. The relationships can make you more powerful in some ways. (Raghuwanshi Monika)

The feeling of love is something so great. That feeling you project on them is how they make you feel. They some how make you feel like you love yourself. With your circle of friends you make them happy so they make you happy. It might not always be easy to do it but you try. The relationships with yourself are very meaningful (Langeslag, Sandra J. E.).

Thoughts or feelings we deem to be uncontrollable are love and happiness. You can't control who you love it just happens. Even if you don't want to love them you do because it's a hard feeling to abolish. From my experience i never have had to abolish my feelings for someone they would just get recycled for a new person (Langeslag, Sandra J. E.). The introduction to the relationship is what sets the relationship in motion is what I'm trying to say.
We begin learning on how to act at a young age. We need to get a grasp of our surroundings and learn from them. We at this stage have strong relationships with our parents or someone who watches over us. As we are younger we don't really understand everyone is their own being. We don't understand the differences between ourselves and others explaining why we like just about everyone as a child. We later build relationships and make friends in our life (Tayler, Collette).

The value of relationships is strong and needed. We have some relationships we can help to have. We even have relationships without knowing about it. But relationships are necessary to have for growing and changing. We need them to get far in life.


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