Selective Dog Breeding Cons

October 5, 2016
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Do you know that your dog might of been breed on a puppy farm in order for it to be so cute and loveable? Puppy farms are used to make the pugs with squashed noses and the purebreed dogs you might have in your house. They continue to practice this cruel technique even though by breeding purebred dogs can lead to inbreeding, birth defects, and health problems. Just like the pug who has been selectively breed for years to have the short nose but that short nose isn't just cute it's a defect. The pug will have breathing problems in its life because of the nature of its squashed face and how they got that face in the first place. Selective dog breeding is a problem it should be stopped but won't be if people don't take action to stop the abuse these animals get because they are purebreed.
Dog breeding can bring problems to the dogs involved. In a study a scientist scanned the brains of 11 euthanized dogs and 2 live ones. When they were done they found out that dogs with shorter snouts or smaller heads have a rotated brain in the skull (Michael Marshall). The shorter skulls of the dogs pushes the brain forward. This action blocks the smell receiving part of the brain. That is the reason pugs can not smell like blood or basset hounds because the part of the brain that smells has been pushed forward and blocked (Michael Marsh). Shown by the facts and studies that dogs breed for certain traits may have a worse life from the defects.

Selective breeding Reaches a wide range of dogs around the world. There are dogs who experience seizures from the years worked keeping them the way the world wants. THe dogs  you know with droopy skin they have been breed for years for the exact traits to make them cute as well as useful, but the bad outweighs the good if they can hear and smell good it doesn't matter when their floppy skin can become a breeding ground for diseases and bacteria. Lastly, The husky everyone thinks is so cute for their blue eyes That have been breed into them through years of selective breeding that also causes the husky to become aggressive.

Some may say That selectively breeding dogs is a good thing since certain dogs are breed for the tasks at hand. Firstly the dog's breed for a certain task might get a mutation from all the breeding in their family that can lead to inbreeding. Secondly, They can have unwanted mutation like diseases or a squashed head that makes them not breath right and not smell the same as others. Lastly, There are dog farms meant to breed dogs and they usually sell sick hurt dogs who won't live long for lots of money. The dog farms are also cruel to the dogs that are raised there.

In conclusion selective dog breeding and dog farms are cruel to the dogs involved. They get sick and damaged in the puppy farms by cruel owners and usually die soon after. They Are selectively breed so that we can have the purebreed dogs everyone loves with no say from the dogs. Aswell, with pure breeding come the mutations of inbreed to keep the bloodline pure. That is why puppy farms and selective breeding that involve inbreeding should be stopped so dog has to suffer the pain so many have before.

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