Holiday Tree

September 30, 2016

Years ago my uncle submitted an article about how you should keep a Christmas tree up year round. In this article he talked about how you should just throw a bed sheet over it and make it the centerpiece of your chosen room but, i have a different solution. What if instead of just throwing a bed sheet over the thing, you just change the decorations? Well first you have to pick what holidays to use at what times. Starting at Christmas most people start decorating their tree around a week after Thanksgiving. So looking at the holiday’s, next is New Years but that's way too close to Christmas so scratch that plan. Following New Years is Valentine’s Day. Valentine's Day is nearly two months from Christmas but that’s actually good! Since after the good ole holiday season you don’t want people at your house the following month, this could actually just be me but, it will give you more time to take down all your decorations and decorate for Valentine's Day. following Valentine's day is Saint Patrick's’ Day. Saint Patrick's Day is only a month and a few days after Valentine's Day so this one works out almost perfectly. Next the following holidays get a little tricky. After St. Patrick's Day is Easter Sunday which  around ten days after but that's a little bit of a hurry and after we don't have any big holidays till summer so sometime after St. Patrick's day you jump into a mash of spring decorations. For awhile you stay with the spring decorations till the month of June where you can do one of two thing, start showing your American pride and set up a Patriotic themed tree or, you hold off on your red, white, and blue and have June be all about Summer. If you were to hold off on you stripes, stars, and fireworks till July and show your patriotism then. In August and September you hit a huge dry spell, but have no fear fall is here so get on with your orange, red, and yellow color schemes. Finally we hit the final stretch, Creepy Halloween decorations around the first of October. November is filled with Thanksgiving decor. Finally we have cycled around to December and the process starts once more. 

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