Point and Shoot

September 12, 2016
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In the writing titled Point and Shoot written by Vamika S., I felt that the article is very true about people now-a-days and how phone obsessed teens actually are.  Her writing about the growth of technology left me feeling that kids should spend more time with friends and family, not on his or her phone.  I agree with this selection about technology taking over our lives because every day, teenagers wake up and the first thing they do is look at numerous social media websites.  I've seen many people take "candid" pictures of their food or coffee and post it online somewhere.  I like the quote, "This is not an age of 'doing' but of 'seeming'."  This quote holds very true in today's society, no-one really 'does' anything with their friends anymore, or if they do, they are all glued to their phones, instead they make it 'seem' like they're doing something fun, but they aren't actually enjoying it.  I can somewhat relate to this because I'll admit I do look at social media about every day, but I also enjoy life and spend time having in person conversations with my friends and family.  I also like the quote, "The symptoms are obvious- a lone man taking a selfie in the supermarket."  This is done almost every day in our world today, every one wants to feel more connected in the world and not alone, and taking selfies helps people feel better about themselves.

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