Just Enough

September 6, 2016
By , Mcgregor, MN

Have you noticed that life is not like the movies at all? I don’t mean cartoon movies like Spongebob or movies with superheroes. But life is so, you know, real, ya know?

No, but really, at my school, we aren’t separated. No geeks, or nerds, not even Jocks. No DND, or Chess groups at the lunch table. There aren’t really nobody's either. LIke clockwork, we are working together, all the time. We need each other. We cannot afford to split up, like those schools in the cities, or states. You see, even here at a sort of paradise, (or hell, depends on the day.) we need everyone, even the small boy who can’t dunk a basketball, or the girl with braces, the man without a leg, even the teachers! Our school is small enough, where there is enough students for sports, but just the required amount signs up. And those who don’t, are just enough or the musical arts, DECA, and other clubs. It’s nice when you feel just enough. Not over, or even a little under. Just enough.

In fact, since we are all so tightly stitched, we have ‘nerds’ who play on the football team, seven foot, chess players, thirteen year old, speach members. Like a whole new species of high school students! I do have a whole reason for this… But I forgot.

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