August 12, 2016
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'Robotics' is a widely known topic these days. It is the newest invention and the latest destruction. Looking at how things are going, Artificial Intelligence(A.I.) will power the world in about 10-20 years. Every human is waiting for this technological breakthrough impatiently. But this A.I. will bring along with it the destruction of mankind and humanity. Every sector that mankind has ever stepped in will be the dominion of lifeless instruments. Among all this, humans will have nothing to do at all. E.g. need to eat, order a robot to do so, need a check-up then see a robo-doctor and so on. So the question is: Do you want your life, your diligence and your heuristics to be replaced? Many people keep the belief that with the advance of A.I., humans will find something else to focus on. However, I do not support this belief. We will be the owners of A.I., but can never be accountable for A.I. deeds. So Robotics is not an alternative for a better future, but instead, it is a path of destruction.

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