Is It Really Over for Printed Books?

July 28, 2016
By MediWitch BRONZE, Alexandria, Other
MediWitch BRONZE, Alexandria, Other
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Which do you prefer an e-book or a printed book?

Well, I like both actually. I mean printed books are cool, and will always have this sophisticated feeling to them. Don’t call me a weirdo or anything but I always loved the smell of the new books, it’s kind of addictive and have this strange feeling to it.

However, for some people obtaining a printed book is not an easy task. It could be expensive, or the book you need is not really available in the bookstores.

Despite the fact that most of the printed books have outstanding writers, there are also some good authors out there whose book isn’t printed nowhere. This for several reasons that has nothing to do with the writer’s talent, but mostly related to money.

The e-books are a complete different story, they don’t give the same feeling but they’re fun to read. There are lots of good writers and lots of good stories that were never printed. E-books give the opportunity to many beginners to publish their books online, maybe this will be their first step towards publishing a printed book.

Many people believe that e-books will change literature as we know it, to the better or the worst? The answer to this is debatable.

I am not encouraging either of them without the other. I think both are good when being side by side. For each has its benefits and no disadvantages.

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