The Zoo

March 10, 2009
By Martin Wilkinson BRONZE, Tigard, Oregon
Martin Wilkinson BRONZE, Tigard, Oregon
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The zoo is a very fun place to be and a lot of people do not enjoy it. People like to go to the zoo and hear the lions RAWR! The lion's den is a lot like the place where someone would live in real life. There are a lot of trees and a little water river in their cage. The river acts as an exact copy of what it might look like if the Lions were in the wild. When I walk by the lion cage, I get sad to looking down at them and seeing how lonesome they look knowing how all they would like to do is to run free. Often times people will go to the zoo at feeding time for the lions because you get to see them rip into the pray although it has a strong odor to it people like to see natures king tare into there pray like its cotton candy.

When I go throughout our zoo I think about what kind of people could put animals in small cages and just watch them. When people walking throughout the zoo you see lots of animals that are in cages and they all look sad. Most of the time it is raining in Oregon, so you can tell how sad the animals are with the rain poring on there cages. You can look into the animals faces and see them have that look of pity. You can hear them wine in pain as they watch fellow living organisms be able to be free and roam around. When the animals are in those cages they can only see faint shapes moving witch appear to be living, They hear the children who are visiting yell with excitement to see there favorite animal. When the animals hear someone's blackberry ring they all look up like it's an animal friend call. I felt bad for all the animals that have been in those small cages.
As people walk though the bird cage you can hearing the animals crying for help just wanting to be free. They just want to be out. It's like a prison for innocent animals there and all the cages and doors you walk though does not help the affect they give off to the birds. At first they make the zoo feel like a good place for the animals by having a large plant area when you first walk in also having ice cream and all different types of goodies for children. If I were an animal, I could not understand why I was in a cage. The birds have a call that they make when they see a pray they might want to attack next that noise starts a large squeak following with a loud booming noise. Right when you walk into the bird cage you are able to yell you are there due to the strong smell of fathers it kind of smells like an old hat shop.

The zoo in Portland is a sad place for the animals. They don't like to be entrusted though out there lives. Could you imagine if someone watched over every little thing you did and interrupted you and poked your small cage? Many people want to think the zoo is a large fun place for the animals, but could you imagine if you were from Africa and then got moved to Oregon a place were it rains 8 months of the year? I would be mad. I just think people should have some sympathy for the animals.

Why do people think the zoo is a good setting for these animals? The animals are used only for their entertainment. When people walk through the zoo and see the animals, they don't think about how happy they would be if they were in another place. The surrounding of the zoo is quiet settings in the sylvan hills of Portland just minutes from down own and goose hallow a secluded residential neighborhood in the pearl. The zoo is a not so pleasant place to be during the summer due to all the animals crying for help from the heat and the sun beating down on you as you walk throughout the zoo. People should not like going to the zoo too see and smell all the plants and flowers because it is bad place for the animals because they have to be kept in small cages and also be looked at by many strangers.

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