True Friends

February 26, 2009
By Anonymous

Hey girls, I know you all have this problem. DRAMA! Well you may think it only happens at your school but other schools have it too. This is what I did talked to some of my close friends, that I trust and I told them how I felt. They felt the same too. So this year my group and I that we had enough drama last year and that we were going to try not to have any.

If you do what i did, find some true friends, have sleepovers, all that jazz and not have drama, your life will become a lot easier. TRUST ME! Also if you have other friends in you little group don't disclude the others, because you wouldn't like that either.

If you don't know who's your bestfriend or your true friends then just take some time to think. Who would be there for me if I had a family crisis or who would tell me my make up looks bad.

Well if you want to STOP drama and have a good rest of the year then start talking you never know, your friends might feel the same way.

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