Not Moving the Driving Age Up to 18

October 20, 2008
By Anonymous

“Mother, hurry up. I’m gonna be late to school.” Imagine saying that when you are sixteen without your driver’s license.
I think that we should be able to drive when we are sixteen and that the government shouldn’t move the driving age up to eighteen. I also know that there are things that happen when people are driving but I also know that some people put themselves into that dangerous position. I am going to tell you my reasons about why I think that they shouldn’t move the age limit up to eighteen on driving.

One of my first reasons is that some people are on the verge of being the age to get their permit and also to get their driver’s license. We as teenagers are growing up and we should be able to have fun and to not have our parent’s take us everywhere. Teenagers should be able to have freedom and to go places with our friends.

There are certain rules that we have to follow in order to drive and the people who decide not to follow the rules should be punished by getting their privilege taken away. People who want to drive should have a clean record in order to do so. Moving the driving age up to eighteen would mean that parents would have to take us everywhere and they would have to use a lot of gas considering that teens go a lot of places. They have jobs, practices, and places that they have to go but their parents are going to have to tag along with them in order for them to be able to go since they can’t drive alone. Considering the fact that parents would have to tag along means that parents may not be able to get done what they need to get done. If parents are not able to tag along with their kids, that means that their teenager wouldn’t be able to see how the real life is and to be in the real world called reality. Teenagers are growing up and they are going to have to learn because they will be on their own one day. People say that if we move the age up to eighteen on driving then the drivers will be more mature. How can they be more mature when they are not experienced drivers? You have to practice sometime on how to drive and you would only be waiting until the age that you are able to drive and you will still not be very experienced and mature.

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