October 19, 2008
Is love addictive? There are countless songs, novels, poems, and works of art written about love that you have to wonder if love is addictive. There is something in the brain that makes drugs and alcohol addicting, but what about love is addicting? Is it the fluttering you get in your stomach or the wiggly-knees thing? Maybe it’s warm feeling that you have when you know that you will always have someone that will be there for you and no matter what you do they will always forgive you.
Sadly, tragedy will always strike somewhere, and it hits the hardest at love. The saddest part of love is when it is lost. Nothing hurts more than losing love. Often times, people have been driven mad by the lack of it. It seems when love is lost, so is part of you. You cannot recover from a loss like that. People try to make up for the loss by believing themselves in love again. But what happens to the best friend?
The friendships that you make while in love are almost as important as love itself. The friends you make are the reminders that tell you that you can’t replace the person you love. But reminders get forgotten, and your friends can’t do anything as they see you hurt yourself. When you can’t turn to your friends for fear of awakening memories that would bring more pain than pleasure, you turn to drugs, alcohol, anything that won’t remind you of Her or Him.
In the midst of all of this compensation, you meet someone that your love might have liked or is like your lover. As they take you in for the first time you see the look of pity cross their face. You see yourself for the first time in a long time. Your eyes have grown hazy and red. Your face doesn’t have a trace of a smile on it. You look haunted. He or She wouldn’t have liked to see you like this. You return to your friends, and you meet someone new. Your first love will never be forgotten. No. You will always love them, and although you are still addicted to love, you will never lose it again.
That’s when you know why love is addicting. It is that feeling that you can look back on your life and know that you didn’t miss out on anything. Love is the greatest thing that we can ever possess.

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