The Crisis of the Uninsured

October 17, 2008
By , Sacramento, CA
A few days ago I saw this commercial talking about providing for those who are uninsured, how doctors can’t help the 46 million in our country who don’t have health insurance. Is it because they can’t or won’t? I believe that it is the latter. Becoming a doctor is something I aspired, and still aspire to. Yet if the healthcare industry is to become a corporation dedicated to giving insurance companies heaps of money and financial benefits how can I want to be a part of it?
If it is so important that people be treated why does health insurance matter? Because without it doctors and insurance companies make nothing, and with corporations having practically the same rights as people it is impossible to keep them in check. Is it no longer the healthcare industry’s job to help people unless it’s profit? Has the healthcare industry become a corporation?
Unfortunately this disaster waiting to happen is not checked by the government or anyone else. If there is a ‘crisis of the uninsured’ why is no one giving them insurance? Businesses and corporations, too cheap to give the faithful employees insurance or health benefits, yet they have a choice whether they want to. So pressing an issue has been ignored to the point where over 46 million are suffering the repercussions? That is a fatal flaw. Should it even matter if someone does have health insurance? Doesn’t everyone deserve a level of care from a health professional, or some kind of way to take care of themselves? I guess not, since 46 million live everyday without the secret password.
Have you ever fed ducks, geese, or swans? Usually in the afternoon there are all these people with loaves of bread tearing off pieces throwing them in the water watching the birds fight over them. But almost always there are a few birds off to the side, not getting anything. I always throw something to them because it is very rare for someone to throw something to them. That’s what it is like for people without health insurance. But should they have to have insurance? Should they have to pay not to die? In America with all the resources we have shouldn’t we be held to an even high standard? Isn’t being healthy or having some standard of health a basic human right for everyone? I guess if you can afford it yes.

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