I don't know what i believe in

October 16, 2008
By Anonymous

I've always wanted to believe in someone, so that i could go to that person whenever i was in need of help. I wanted to believe in that something so much, that my faith could get me through any situation, regardless of how terrible it was. Everyone needs something to look up to, something to lean on when noone's there. Right now, i don't know what i believe in. Certainly not God. The world is a total disaster, we fight violence with violence, destruction is supposed to make things better in the end. How can i believe that there's some guy up there above all the clouds, floating around in the sky, with so many powers and capabilities, all of which he doesn't seem to put to use? Our world is filled with so many tragedies, and horrible events, that i wonder if there really is someone up there. How could he just sit back and watch all these crimes happen? How could he allow such violence to occur? If there really is a God, why did he make us all different races, knowing that it would cause such drama? Knowing that people would end being killed because of the color of their skin, a color that cannot be changed? Why would someone create a world that cannot function without breaking the rules? A world that commits so many crimes day after day, and manage to rarely get caught. How can someone call himself God, when he doesn't do a single thing. I would like to think that this God character, watches over everyone, helps miracles happen, and makes sure that the bad guys get caught. I would hope that God would have the power to strike people down with lightning whenever someone robbed a little old lady, or killed their ex-girlfriend. God should live up to this sort of almighty power that is talked about constantly. I find it hard to believe in something, that allows innocent people to die terrible deaths. Someone that allows young children to get diagnosed with untreatable diseases, or abused by the people that raise them. If there really is a God he shouldn't allow this. I would like to believe in a God that wouldn't allow our world to be like this. I don't know what i believe in now, but it's certainly not God.

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MeggC BRONZE said...
on Mar. 13 2009 at 1:55 am
MeggC BRONZE, Denmark, Maine
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It's all so true! You did a great job writing this, it's deep, and I agree completely. The irony of the world is we spend all of our time fighting about world rather than actually fixing the problems.

on Mar. 13 2009 at 1:54 am
God is not who you think he is. God is not like that. He loves you so so much and wants you to draw closer to him! HE is well aware of what's going on down here. He keeps each persons tears in a bottle. He feels your pain. He wants to help us so badly but he loves us so much he will not force us to comply. It's driving him crazy having you so close but still not believing in him. Oh IF ONLY you knew! Don't hold back.

I also know of the world's tragedies. I've witnessed them first hand around the globe myself. But I have also witnessed miricals beyond imagination. They aren't just in the bible! They happen every day! Oh you don't know what you're missing.

Just go for it!! What can you loose? Even in you don't care about everything I said before, try it just for the sake of trying something! I know because I have seen this pattern before. Nothing but God can fill this gap in your heart. You will search the whole world but nothing fits. I am telling you right now.

Try going to a christian summer of camp. Or, better yet, a missions trip!

Oh if only you knew what you were missing you would die of envy! Crack open the bible, you'd be amazed at what you find. Try an easy translation without any thees thous ect

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