Steal Cars, Drive Fast

October 13, 2008
By D'evereaux Thomas, Highland Village, TX

My philosophy on life is that it should be enjoyed. Risks must be taken. Its far better to live a short, fast, exciting life than it is to live a long, boring life. Do exactly what you want, when you want, and never let anything stand between you and happiness. Do something new. Or do an old thing in a new way.

If life was a play someone following my philosophy would leap on stage from the balcony, make up some lines, tear up scenery, start a fight, and turn the story upside down. Then they’d bow out, gracefully, and open the stage for other actors.

My philosophy in a nutshell: Steal cars. Drive fast.

To expound upon my point: It’s better to steal a car, break the speed limit, then hit a wall and fly out, exploding against it from momentum than it is to be safe, follow the rules, and be a nobody. The thief is famous and leaves his mark if only for a little while. The guy who follows the law dies, forgotten and alone, like some sort of red headed step child.

Not to be taken literally, of course. Life is to be lived, is what I’m saying. Sure, it’s something to be treasured, but it isn’t something to be coddled and kept in a little glass box and protected. It’s to be taken out and played with. I’m not necessarily telling you to go steal a car. Of course not. DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for any car stealing or fast driving that ensues after the reading of this paper. The ideas expressed in this paper are not necessarily those of Thomas Industries, and neither the company nor the writer take responsibility in the ideas expressed.

No, seriously. Steal cars. Drive fast.

Do something with your life. Don’t just get caught in the cycle of school, work, reproduce, die. Make a name for yourself.

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