September 28, 2008
By Anonymous

Indivduality does one truly know what that means? Indivdualty is what people say they are, but just looking at them you know they aren't. Being an individual means being the only one. In the dictionary it says single person, animal or thing.
Take a school for example and cut it down into groups you have the: goths, preps, jocks, nerds, and many more. Limit the goths out and ask them if they are indivduals and pretty much they all say they are. They say they flow to there own music. I would know I am just as they are stating the same unless I am told otherwise and even then still unconvinced. But think about it are we truly as individual as we choose to think? Yes, not many have pink high lighted hair or pericings all over their body but theres enough. Just enough in fact to mean that you, me, and they aren't individuals. You go to middle school and people are trying to make a statment with certain clothes with brands, but if you put them all in a room together you can see clearly there isn't a statment merely a allusion of difference and the one beside you could be wearing the same top you bought at walmart the nigth before.
Check out the jocks the ones you see getting all the trophies and awards, the perfect report cards and even get their names in the paper every week for beaing some other team. Are they individuals? Nope, not so much even without their sports unifors you can tell they are jocks just because of the clothes they wear. Soccer stars stick with sweat pants and hoodies, football players are all kaki shorts and polo t-shirts, even the baseball players show they aren't individual by wearing blue jeans and t-shirts everyday. What I am sayng isn't that wearing certain clothes limits you I'm saying that a person can not be an individaual in this world of today and may never be truly individual except for the more and less knolege a person can consume.

The author's comments:
I don't want people to hate me for my opion it's just what I think would get the wheels in a persons head turning. (I can't spell) so hopefully people will understand what I am writing and I wish whoever may read this o understand what I am saying to just mean a statement not a threat nor any other meaning it may take.

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