Skateboarding Is A Good Thing

January 15, 2009
If you are a school or in general a security guard, you might have a different opinion than mine, but I’m on the other side of the line so I think skating is a good thing.

First, it can reduce childhood obesity. If more kids got into skating, there would be fewer kids sitting by the television eating nothing but Lays potato chips and Kentucky Fried Chicken. Instead, they would beg their parents to take them to a skate park. What my parents say is if you can skateboard there or get there and back you can go. So I decided to take up that offer. Now, I’m used to walking, running, or skating at least two to five miles.

I often get the question is skateboarding a sport? No. Its just people spend millions of dollars on a year just for the heck of it.
During September, MTV2 had a special on what is called the AST Dew tour. The AST Dew tour is a competition of a bunch of amateur and pro skateboarders. I had the opportunity to go to an event but it was on a school night. Of course I didn’t mind, but try explaining that one to my parents. If any of you watch ESPN 24/7, You’ll know that there is something called the winter and summer X-games. If skating is on ESPN, it must be a sport. I mean they have golf.

Going on to another topic, the things that some kids can do on a skateboard. Some kids can fly out of what looks like a dried up swimming pool called a bowl, grab one end of the skateboard and land flat. I haven’t seen one person shatter their bone. Well I hope that I don’t ever see that. I’ve seen some bad things like a dislocated arm, but that’s the worst I’ve seen.

Sponsors. Wow, the amazing things they can do for you. Most people who are sponsored are sponsored by a skate shop. Anything else and you would have to be a pro. Most pro skateboarders are sponsored by a shoe company, a clothes company, and a company for all their skate board needs. A select few pro skaters are sponsored by energy drinks. I’m guessing that the reason for that is so if they have a competition one day but didn’t get enough rest, just drink a free energy drink.

Referring back to the end of a paragraph a couple paragraphs ago, injuries. My, my, my. Injuries can mess you up. On the X-games earlier this year, some guy flew up in the air 20 something feet and that was just from the top of the ramp which was probably 25 feet high. After a 45-foot fall, he only came out with a broken foot. Personally, I think pain is the biggest part of skating. This may scare some of you, but once you get used to sore everything, pain is like water. In a way you need pain to keep you on track of what you’re doing. If pain did not exist, people would be doing dumb things left and right.
The only reason that I can think of for not skateboarding is having no legs or are paralyzed from the waist down. Otherwise, suck it up and buy a skateboard

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floga hoga said...
Apr. 6, 2009 at 5:58 pm
you did a sick job more people should be like you i love you
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