Street lights need to be fixed.

March 4, 2009
By Anonymous

What if the street lights all lost their power? The bad thing is maybe there would be less people outside or there would be more crime in the some neighborhoods. I believe more street lights should be fixed in the city of Appleton . Many streets could be safer at night.

The first reason street lights need to be fixed so there could be less crime outside. The city needs to fix them or more neighborhoods will become dangerous. There are dark streets in a lot of places. For this reason people will not go outside. Street lights help reduce crime in many parts of the city. Without lights the city could have more illegal things happening on the streets, for example dog fights, street racing, murder, and fights.

Secondly, street lights need to be fixed so people can have safer neighborhoods. There might be kidnappers outside or there could be drug dealers. Vandalism is more common, in neighborhoods there is graffiti, broken items on homes, schools, and businesses. People do not leave their homes at night. People want to leave the city. People are robbed easily because it is too dark to see other people sneaking around a person's car or home.

The third reason with the streets lights out drivers do not see stop signs, yield signs, or dead end streets as good. The misuse of street lights cause accidents. During blizzards or thunderstorms many people would not see the road or other cars. People do not see mph signs at night; they might speed, and get tickets. Drivers are not able to see people crossing the road.

These are my reasons why street lights should be fixed. If they all get fixed then there would not be that much crime. The roads would be safer to drive on and the and neighborhoods would be safer to live.

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