Loving and Caring

January 30, 2009
By Chandler Grant BRONZE, Cave Creek, Arizona
Chandler Grant BRONZE, Cave Creek, Arizona
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I think life has more meaning to it than just sitting around and consuming things. Television, computers, room furniture and a new car. I think things that can make one happy have nothing to with objects and money. Theres no point to life if all you do is take up space, and sit around doing the everyday 'family' business, homework, dog walk, dinner, bed routine. If a natural disaster hit everyones possessions would be lost. The only thing left would be people. Then who you are really shows.
I think the meaning of life is to help out one another. Not only does one person feel so good inside and important, but you will too. Go visit places to volunteer at. Feed homeless children, and donate money. It only takes a little energy and it makes your day. There are so many people less fortunate. When your problems are drama between your spouse and decrease of money, some little child with no home or parents is trying to survive. It makes me wonder sometimes.
People who loose their houses commit suicide, and leave their family or wives behind. All because of money and objects that don't truly show who you are as a person. Big movie stars have gave up their lives, and they have tons of money. People who think money will do everything for them should be suspected for doing everything for money. Instead realize one day, none of that will matter. Money and cars and clothes wont matter. Helping people, and ones less fortunate will. Don't make your life decisions off of fear, and opinion.
Whats right? What have you got better to do than help someone else. Happiness, is the key to life. Get involved in something that saves children or animals and make yourself matter to the world.

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iluvmusic said...
on Feb. 14 2009 at 7:29 pm
I love that and I feel the same way. Good work! =]

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