BCS? More like BS...

January 23, 2009
By joey tuggle, AURORA, CO

Have you ever thought of the BCS (bowl championship series) rankings as um… completely worthless? Yeah, well even if you don’t… I do! It’s not BCS! It’s BS!!! Urgh, it’s as if the people who control the rankings put each of the team’s names in a hat and said, “Hey kids, in this hat are all the NCAA college teams. Now I want you to pick two at a time and match them up with any other team.” Seriously, that’s how ridiculous it is.
I’m not trying to say that they are completely clueless about what they’re doing, but they’re making themselves look stupid and making themselves targets of hatred by every team and fan who feels as if they have been robbed of a possible title.
I absolutely love to see my favorite teams succeed. No doubt. None. But when I see my favorite college team gets jipped out of the national championship- now that, that just sends me right off the edge! That makes me very, very, very irate. What if your favorite team got cheated out of the championship title? Huh? How would that make you feel toward the BS… I mean the BCS? For all those who have had their favorite college team bow down to the intolerable BCS rankings system, I hope this hits home like a category 5 hurricane.
I cannot tell you the tremendous amount of other people who back me up and share my passionate hatred towards the BCS system of rankings. Way too many to count. It’s just flat out amazing. Some people, or should I say just about everyone thinks that there should be a playoff or playoffs.
Well I agree 110% with that. There should be playoffs. I quote a local ESPN article writer who said, “One day, we hope an eight team playoff will be acceptable.” I hope, one day, that this man’s idea will come true.
I absolutely, positively HATE, HATE, HATE the BCS! Sorry, I just had to get that off of my chest. But it’s not only the people who hate the BCS rankings. It’s also the head coach of the USC Trojans, Pete Carroll. Pete Carroll said, “I’m not exactly sure how it works, but frankly a lot of people hate it, and I am with those people now. I hate it.” Now come on, that’s got to tell you something-- guys at the BCS headquarters. But that’s also coming from the guy whose team seems to automatically get into the Rose Bowl every year, including this year when they beat Joe Paterno’s Penn State Nittany Lions 35-28.
Alright, now here’s some good, hardcore, cold logic. Texas. This year Texas had only lost one game. Along with many other teams that Texas Tech had defeated, Texas was one of them. Texas Tech had lost to Ole Miss. Texas is all-around a better team than Ole Miss. Texas totally destroyed Oklahoma and Oklahoma made it to the National Championship! Texas didn’t!!! Oklahoma lost to Florida! Don’t get me wrong, Florida is a great team. But they also lost to Ole Miss which at the time wasn’t even a ranked team. Can you see now how this would infuriate me, along with all the other Texas Longhorn’s fans?
My intention was to make you feel somewhat of a hatred towards the ranking system. I’m trying to show you that it’s sillier than a 3-eyed goat in the middle of Manhattan! But aside from that, I wanted you to realize that we need to band together and put up a fight to end the treacherous BCS rankings!
We aren’t finished with your BCS system. We never will be. Until we get what we want.

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