Family bonding

January 12, 2009
Television, bringing families closer since the early 1920’s! Many people say that watching TV is anything but good for the family house hold. I disagree. In my family we don’t just watch TV, we watch it together. We all get together and corroborate over what show to watch that way everyone is happy. My family would be anything but zealous at the thought of losing the time we spend talking to each other during TV time.

On the other side Dr. John Nelson of the American medical association said that if 2,888 out of 3,000 studies show that TV violence is a casual factor in real life mayhem, “it’s a public health problem.” These statistics may be true but don’t be fooled by Dr. Nelson’s statistics. All he seems to talk about is the violent side of TV. He seems to forget about the educational TV station that I seem to like so much. Without the TV I admit that it would be hard for me to comprehend some lessons in school! I agree there is just too much violence on TV and the proof of it is today a kid would be phlegmatic over a human getting decapitated, where as in the 70’s they would probably have nightmares. Kids today are just simply use to the violence. You can’t blame them when violence is inundating there minds no matter what channel they are watching though. So no matter what Dr. Nelson says his attempts are fruitless to turn off TV’s across the nation.

In conclusion I don’t think we have anything to worry about. If you were to look at our society I would say it looks pretty happy. Our nation seems sanguine in its state of TV viewing and I say lets keep it that way.

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