January 13, 2009
How could anyone see a murder being committed and not be able to try and stop it? Personally, I know that if I say someone being killed and didn’t try to stop it I could never live with that on my conscience. People who watch a murder being committed and don’t do anything about it are accomplices in the murder to me. If only a phone call is made, many other crimes can be obviated.

If someone sees someone being killed and does nothing to try and stop it, where does it end? In that case, anyone could meticulously plan a murder with another person and watch them being killed without doing anything about it and then just claim that they were “scared” and didn’t know about it. However, for less serious crimes such as stealing from a convenient store, people who see it and don’t do anything obviously shouldn’t have that serious of a punishment. They should get off with a warning because no one’s life is in danger. However, if it was an armed robbery or a murder, someone could be killed and the people who don’t do anything about it are just as guilty as the murderer himself. If I saw a murder and did nothing to stop it I would hope to get the death penalty because there is no way that I could deal with that amount of guilt.

Although I think the people seeing such a lurid crime taking place need to take action, I also don’t think they should put themselves directly in harm’s way either. I think at minimal the people should be required to call the police. If someone was being murdered before you could you really just sit there and watch? Even if the actions you do to help save another end up getting you hurt or even killed at least you died a hero. I think not helping are the kind of mistakes that you can never erase. Even if you forgive yourself for your pathetic choices, you will never be able to forget those blood curdling screams.

Mrs. G’s life could have easily been saved that night if it weren’t for the lax bums in the apartment domiciles just watching the show. “We thought it was a lover’s quarrel” What kind of pathetic, disgusting quip it that?! I don’t know what kind of relationships that sick freak must have had to think that when lover’s fight they stab and stalk each other. I think any excuse qualifies as disturbing and lazy. The killer was even sporadic in his moves and spaced out the time they could have called the police.
What is even more disappointing to me is that if it had been one of their loved ones out there they would have made the call in a heartbeat without even conjecturing that someone else is going to do it. It shouldn’t matter who the person is. It’s still a life; someone else’s loved one that you are just “leaving out in the cold.” How could you let 35 minutes elapse and sit there just watching? Either way, those people’s rash decisions caused the death of an innocent woman.

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