Television does not corrupt

January 13, 2009
Some believe television is so poignant that people will believe it is reality. These people believe that everything little children see and hear effect children. They believe murder cases on television and shooting video games cause increased aggression in children. There have been many studies, which I believe to be fruitless, on what causes youth violence. I believe that children are intelligent enough to realize that television is not reality.

Children are not inundated like their parents and grandparents were. Their parents would do chores, go to school, come back home, and do more chores. Present day children go to school, maybe go to a sports practice, then come home and sit in front of the television. On average, these children watch 1680 minutes of television per day. This is totally overboard and leads to a boring lifestyle. These children are phlegmatic and totally zoned in to the television. Some believe that the television coerces children’s’ thoughts. I disagree, however with people who think these children believe that television is real life.

When I was a young child, I watched approximately 1000 minutes of television a week. I would watch the news, cartoons, and reality shows. I was still able to lead a comprehensive life style. Throughout my childhood I was zealous. I was an athlete and a scholar. I was able to balance television and reality. I saw hundreds of murders on the news, sex and drugs on reality shows. I knew that these murders were bad and that violence was bad because my parents instilled a good set of values within me. I played many shooting video games. Some would believe that this would make me more violent. I disagree strongly. No living thing was shot when I received a bb gun for my 8th birthday. My parents would corroborate with the fact that I am not violent.

I am sanguine that most children have a dividing line between television and reality. Studies that show children are more violent because of television are simply garbled. Children can tell the difference between reality and television.

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