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December 12, 2008
By Anonymous

Stronger, smarter, and greater; the three things I strive to become in my lifetime. I want a successful/fulfilling career in graphic design, I want to write a best selling book, and I want my own magazine some day. These things are most certainly not out of reach! The only barrier that would stop me from accomplishing these things is my mind. Once I can accept and grasp this concept believing in self sacrifice and living with a positive out look becomes a lot easier.

My mind is a powerful thing that allows for thoughtful thinking. When I take a thought and expand and stretch it until I have perfected my idea it consumes my mind. This is great when it comes to achieving any goal. The dominate thoughts we have always prevail in the end, because we act on our own thoughts. I believe that the more I think about accomplishing my goals, the more I will start accomplishing my goals. It’s as simple as that. I know this to be true because I have experienced.
A lot of times I catch myself so caught up in the goal I am going to reach that I often times let other things pass me by. I have given up a lot of weekends to make certain goals happen, and that’s okay because where I am at now is worth it. This is why I believe self-sacrifice will further you in everyway. I sacrifice making money and doing a real job for being a graphic design intern. I could really use the money from a job but instead I am learning everyday how to be a master at photoshop. The ironic thing is that it is really no sacrifice because when I apply for a college they will see what I have been doing to prepare myself for a career and it will benefit me much. By not going to CafĂ© Rio for lunch, I wont get docked 50 participation points in my next class. I would rather go to lunch with everyone but if I miss out I don’t have to worry about doing two assignments to make up those 50 points I lost. Sometimes I think making little sacrifices like not going to Rio is a difficult decision but obviously not if I can see how its going to work out in the end. I believe by making certain sacrifices I have saved myself numerous times from doing extra work, stress, and anxiety and this overall makes me happy.

I think being happy is extremely important because when we aren’t happy life just seems to be negative and not fulfilling. It’s hard to be happy for one thing. I have everything against me and so does everyone else. Everyone has a story of why they aren’t happy, you hardly ever hear why people are happy. I think everyone can do things to make them happy, I find my happiness in doing things I love. When I make a goal and achieve it, its such an awesome feeling I can’t even begin to express feelings of when I can look back at the last month and see the work I have accomplished for my graphic design intern. It is very easy to be positive about work when I am doing it because I want to and I love it. I believe if more people did things they loved, we would have a lot more people who are excited about their life and more people who feel like they have everything to look forward to. This is important to me because when something tragic happens, which something will, I know its not the end of my life because I know I have a lot to work up to and live for.
I believe, I know, and I rely on myself to make what I want happen. I have found out that sacrifice has made my life easier. I have a belief that being positive will higher my self esteem and keep me going.

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