The True Dream

January 5, 2009
By Austin Kane, Westfield, IN

The beginning started when I looked at what year it is. I don’t have much left of a high school career. What is it I want to do after all this? For the longest time I focused on joining the army but is that what I want to do? The answer is no! What I want the most is a chance to live a dream a teen my age wants. A chance to become an Olympic athlete and win a medal. But when I thought it wasn’t possible I was wrong. I had received a letter December 11, 2008 this letter explained that I could have an awesome experience with Olympic gold medalist Rulon Gardner. Where I would train with him in Austria and compete against people from twenty-five different countries. This to me is the beginning of my dream. After researching Rulon Gardner I watched a short video on a speech he gave. This got me thinking pretty hard. Me thinking the impossible it actually is not the impossible. I believe I can do this. Working your hardest and understanding what is most important is the key to any success. What I have notice is when thinking about quitting. It only hurts you more because it takes all the confidence you have on success and takes you to the beginning. That’s not what anyone wants to start all over again. Let’s just say that’s like putting together a puzzle with thousands of pieces and you have finally finished it then someone puts it back in the box. What does that do to you? When something like that happens to me I let it go and leave it in the box because there’s no way I want to spend all that time putting it all together again. If you look at it in a more serious situation it’s just like the puzzle. If you let something get in the way of your confidence you usually go downhill because it’s like you don’t even care. Never let doubts get in your head because when you think you can’t do something or you think you suck. Thinking that is just going to stomp all over you and you won’t be able to accomplish whatever you it is you want to accomplish. Whatever you do don’t let a great experience go to waste. The summer of 2008, I went to the Orlando Disney Duals trip with fifteen of my other wrestling team mates. The experience was amazing but I let fun get in the way. So when it became serious I didn’t want to be serious. Instead of being the wrestler I am I acted like an idiot because I didn’t care. Suddenly I knew what I was doing was not what I went there to do. After that change in act it was back to normal. I took wrestling serious. If I were to get another chance for that experience I would take it and make a better experience out of it. So make good choices and don’t repeat your mistakes because they could get in the way of your confidence as well as your dreams. So don’t waste your time when you could be learning from your experience and become something you’ve always wanted to be I love what I do but when I fall of track I have to start from the beginning. Believe in yourself! I believe you can do anything if you set your mind to it. So prove the nonbelievers and even yourself that you can do the impossible. If you work your hardest I’ll work my hardest for you and America because I believe I can accomplish my true dream and become an Olympic athlete.

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