My Other Love

December 18, 2008
By Robert Melkonyan, Glendale, CA

My other love, what would you think it is? A girl? Nope, it’s sneakers. Yes sneakers, I have always loved sneakers from my first time I fell in love with sneakers watching the movie Space Jam.

It was 1996 sitting there watching Space Jam it goes to a scene Michael Jordan walks into the gym court wearing, what would later be my favorite pair of shoes, the Air Jordan XI (11). Then when he started dunking and seemingly flying through the air with grace I knew I had to get those shoes. Unfortunately, I didn’t, but later on I got the Air Jordan XIII(13) which I remember to this day.

Until, about 8th grade I didn’t know much about shoes the technology, the names, the materials, but at about Christmas time my friend got a pair of Air Jordan I’s even though they were knock offs I still found them very attractive. From then on I have started to memorize shoes from Air Jordans and Air Force Ones to everything in between.

Then on September 1st 2007 I got my first par of “expensive” shoes after about an month of begging my parents to buy them for me. These shoes were the Nike Air Zoom Kobe II iD. They were personalized with my choosing of colors and also included my name and number. These shoes mean a lot to me because they are so limited, only about three thousand in the world. The first day I wore these to school people’s heads broke. They were just beautiful and simple shoes, but I don’t think a lot of people had seen someone that would have their names stitched on their shoes.

From then on I have grown into the whole sneaker culture, from different styles to wear sneakers to different clothes inspired by sneakers, and all the other aspects of the “sneaker head” life. My style of clothing has been influenced a lot by sneaker culture. For example my main influence of clothing used to be rappers or people associated with the hip-hop world, but now I tend to lean more to clothing more fitted or slim. My jeans used to be baggy but now they are straight leg or even slim straight.

Sneakers have also improved my intelligence, because of sneakers I got introduced to many new websites about sneakers, and also of sneaker lovers like me. One website for example, is Even though it’s a small website of only 50,000 registered users it has a lot of characters from many different parts of the world. It is also one of the leading sites for up-to-date information about future sneaker releases. It also has a part for people to talk about subjects not involving sneakers like the big three automotive crisis to President Bush dodging shoes.

Another great accomplishment in my “sneaker-life” was the purchase of the “Germany” Hyperdunks. These shoes have gotten more compliments than all my other shoes combined, yes even the ones with my name on it. One time on a cruise a random man walked up to me and complimented me on the shoes out of nowhere. I have gotten numerous compliments from teachers students and even Ms. Malone.

Even though my sneakers aren’t that rare in the coming years I expect that to change after I start getting a job and stop relying on my parents to buy my shoes for me. Once I get a job I can manage to buy shoes and even have money left over because now that it will be my money I will understand the value of the dollar.

Shoes have changed my life in many ways, to many people that don’t understand sneakers they just laugh but if you were me you could see that they have. It has changed my style and even my perspective on things. Sneakers, my other love

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