Hard times of war

December 17, 2008
By Anonymous

On September 11, 2001, terrorists from the Middle East hijacked several passenger airplanes; crashing them in specific locations in the United States and took hundreds of innocent lives. This event brought upon a war between Iraq and the United States, but now there is contradiction stating that the U.S should pull there troops out of Iraq. In this time of war and violence our country should stay strong and finish what was started whether the call to go into Iraq was justified or not.
War should be the last resort for resolving a conflict. It causes pain and suffering to innocent people uninvolved with the influence that started the hostility. Many Americans wish to cease the war for the sole purpose of having family or friends that bound themselves to the U.S military. These soldiers are the heart that keeps this country beating. Without them, the values and the individuality in this country that inspires our ambitions would be nothing. Unfortunately sometimes confrontation is the only way to acquire peace. If you are backed in a corner with a knife at your throat are you going to come out swinging? If someone's intentions are to physically impair you then some course of action must be taken, but the option to avoid a physical dispute doesn't always present itself. In our effort for gaining peace, both enemy and ally nations have come to see us as a country eager for external control.
Our nation is an icon to many countries around the world, but others despise us, our ways of life, and our abrasive techniques. Pulling our troops out of Iraq now would damage everything that our soldiers have worked for in the fight against terrorists. It is apparent that America has gotten in over their heads with this fight, but we must clean up the mess that we have made. Many nations do not want us to win this war, but what kind of message does leaving send to our allies and the countries that admire us? The enemies, that we seek to destroy, will see a cowering nation and will have no mercy nor absolution for us.
In short, I am not denying that the decision to go to war was right or wrong, but if our troops fall back now the consequences could be dire. The time is now and the decision has been made. We can not base our decisions on what we should have or shouldn't have done years ago, but we must analyze the situation and chose what is best for our people.

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