November 30, 2008
By Abhishek Chouthai, Edison, NJ

What is success? Success is the satisfaction of a human being by his or her accomplishments. Since success is universal, it all depends on the man’s perspective, and it also depends on the man’s current status. For one man, it could be bringing food to his family’s table, yet for another; it could be making a glut of money from his box office success movie…

But once this is brought to attention yet accomplished, can that same man repeat his actions once more or a trifle of other times, or will that man be stumped into thinking, “I am the king of the world!” But what could be the reasoning for the “dead end”? Could it be the original success that brought the man to that point? In my point of view, the primary success is the cause of the cause of the blockage of continuous success. Success is a river, and the primary success is like a dam, some thing which halts the flow of a well flowing river like success.
Success is the necessary achievement needed for a man to strive for his goal. So once accomplishing that goal, will that man be able to sustain such activity? One can only try to get what he wants, but once he knows how and what he has to do, will he actually try to achieve his goal. Once a man has accomplished one thing, and feels that starting with a new clean slate will be easier and that he will have an advantage. Although a past experience is a worthwhile yet excellent way to keep track of mistakes to improve on, it results in disaster. That man may feel he has to put forth no effort in order to achieve his goals, regardless of the fact if his soon to be achievement is irrelevant to the prior one…

But will that soon to be accomplishment be surreal if the man who is chasing after it puts forth no effort? One can be sure that having completed one of his life’s missions, throws off the other missions off track. Success is ninety five percent inspiration and five percent hard work and effort. But having lost something to look forward to, (having completed one of life’s goals); he will loose his ninety five percent inspiration, thus nullifying his five percent hard work. In the man’s mind, he may feel he is on the right track yet, he does not know the truth behind it. There is a universal human tendency to have supremacy in what you do. Just accomplishing the first step of your life just gives you a feeling of power and strength.
Yet this notion has been in our society for centuries, but still many don’t understand how success and disaster are inter-twined. Both relate and encounter each other at some point in time. You see, a man is greatly determined and confident the second time he is attempting to achieve something. Rather than working, the man will waver in the state of mind; work or no work. But he is still not following what his body is doing. Slacking off. In his mind, he may be the winner of it all, but really, he hasn’t done a thing, its all in his head…. He would be determined enough to say that the extra effort needed to finish the project is not necessary!

Think of human success as a fire, feisty, and fearful. Truly, both success and fire are quite remarkable things. Both give many positive and negative qualities to the human being, yet both are immensely similar. Both serve as a purpose for the human being, and that purpose should not be abused. A fire can be used for warmth, cooking food, and keeping away predatory animals. Without the fire, the human would not get too far without any modern technological usage. Fire is like success, use it improperly, and abuse it, it could cause many problems for mankind in the future. Let’s suppose you were to put out the fire by the means of water. “Hiss,” cries the fire as it dissolves into a dark pile of ashes. Your success, the fire would disappear, and this one small action mad you loose your hard work of kindling the fire in the first place.
But if that man were to construct the fire once more, he would feel he has a slight advantage this time. Know that he knows how to create the fire; he will not have to put forward more effort to achieve the perfect fire. This circle will continue on and on until that man has found out the true meaning of success; hard work and productivity all combine to success, but, thinking good of your self and slacking off will not enhance, but derail the train of success.
Success and disaster both overlap and cause a benefit and potential problem for mankind. Improperly managed can lead to disaster. But such scenarios are frequent, but with hard thought, we can escape them. One man may be successful, but his counterpart man may not. It is all a mater of the state of mind, control of emotions, effort, and actions. What we are all going through is life; the path to and from success, is just one phase….

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