'Tis the season to be...

November 28, 2008
"'Tis the season to be jolly" or should the saying be "'Tis the season to be phony?" During the Christmas season, we show love and kindness and we put on all of these fronts for the holidays. People talk to people that they can't stand, and then turn around and buy them a gift. So why be jolly when everyone around you is a phony?
There is that one person that they just abhor, they wish that would fall off the face of the earth. Luckily, you only see that person about once every year, and what do you know? It is that time of the year to be jolly. So when you see your "favorite" person, you have to go out and purchase them a gift. Why? Because it is the friendly thing to do. Why must we be such phonies and hypocrites and do this because everyone else is doing it? So how about for those people that do this, stop it, tell the person that you don't like them, and start saving you twenty dollars on a gift for them every year.
Once Thanksgiving rolls around, everyone and their mother bust out their Christmas carols and sing. Is singing song about sleigh bells suppose to make us fell better? The family gets together to put up the tree, hang lights, and drink hot chocolate when ten of the twelve months of the year they can't stand each other. Can you even spell phony? Another way the family is phony is the big tubster, Santa Claus. All of the children know that Santa is not real and mommy and daddy eat the cookies they made and that mommy and daddy buys the gifts. Just to tell mom and dad, Timmy and Sally knows Santa is a hoax, and they just play along to make them feel better.
The Christmas season is just away for people to receive expensive gifts at no cost to them. They give gifts so they don't appear to be moochers. So how can we spread the real and true holiday spirit when it isn't there?
So now go on and see if you can go and spread the holiday spirit. IF you can't be loving and kind all year, 24/7, then don't do it for just one month. Because that one month will not be jolly but phony and hell. Therefore, make every season be jolly. If you can?

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