Michael Jordan

December 17, 2008
By Anthony Oren, Littleton, CO

Michael Jordan

Ever I since I could remember I always wanted to know how NBA stars began they’re career. There are persons like Lebron James and Kobe Bryant that are so talented that they go straight to the NBA from high school, they don’t even go to college. But there is one person I always idled, Michael Jordan.

First, he got kicked off his high school basketball team because; he wasn’t good enough to play. So then, practiced day in and day out and went on to start for UNC, the basketball team. Finally, he was selected number one for the draft pick; for the Chicago Bulls.

Michael Jordan is a terrific player to watch and helped win many games. I think most people see him as an inspiration to them. Basketball is a passion for him. He takes like oxygen; he can’t live without it.

Michael shoved a guy out of his way to make the game winning basket, that is what I remember when I was a little kid. As I watched this clip on ‘You tube’, I thought to myself; that should have been called a foul, however back then they were less strict with foul calling, but still, that was a good shot: perfect timing, buzzer beater, and a lot of touch also involved.

Winning 6 NBA championships, having the most career playoff point average in the history of the NBA, and being an inspiration to all of the people that have seen him play are some things that he is well respected for. It seems as if the basketball is always talking to him and telling him when to make the perfect shot. “I want to be like Mike” is probably what everybody thinks and says, so pursue your dream and don’t let anybody you, “you can’t.”

The author's comments:
I think my story tells, that if you want something, go out and get it.

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