What is so hard about it?

December 16, 2008
By Christof Swope BRONZE, Bethel, Alaska
Christof Swope BRONZE, Bethel, Alaska
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Something I always hear about is how people are struggling in life and are living in the streets. They have no food to eat and are cold. I think to my self sometimes that life is hard. Then later I realize how easy it is if you don't do the wrong things. I don't think much so I'm making my life a lot harder. There are things that make life easier, too. Things that make you happy and in a good mood are those things. The thing about it is that people tell you that life isn't all about having fun and that there are more things in life than fun. Just because you are having fun it doesn't mean you arent being productive. The word "fun" isn't usually associated with work, but that doesn't mean that they cant be. That went a little off topic but it has to do with life. So continuing on, life gets harder from making bad decisions and gets easier by making good decisions. People sometimes say the hard way might be the right way. The hard way... First of all, if something is hard, it might not be the right way. If it is too hard and you fail at it- what ever it is- was it the right way? Now moving on to wrong decisions, what makes them so wrong? It is a choice that you make that you think is right or what you think you need to do. I used the word "you" so many times in that sentence and I never once said anything about anyone else. It is not for anyone else to decide if your choices were wrong or right. No one can tell YOU what in YOUR life what YOU think YOU did right and wrong. What anyone else thinks is what they think. What would they know? They are not the ones making decisions for you, you are making decisions all by yourself. What people say might influence, but it does not change what you think to a completely different thought. What they say acually becomes another completely separate thought. So after reading this, you might have a ton of new thoughts. So moving right along, how does this all effect your life? Every "right" or "wrong" decision you make changes the view people have on you and how you take these reactions from people and how they act towards you for whatever you did effects how much fun you have and how much enjoyment you get out of this one life that you- and only you- live. It really comes down to a question that you have to ask yourself. Are you satisfied with who you were are and will always be? Then, after asking yourself that and giving yourself the answer that you are satisfied with will you finally be able to decide if the decisions you made are "good" or "bad." From there, other peoples opinions move into more effect than before as they were just thoughts that you get. They start to spread to different people, and other people give what they think about other peoples thoughts. This effects you in good and bad ways. If they make you feel lonely, bored, not wanted, abandoned, hated, or in any way disliked obviously they are bad. You might also hear about other people that you know in this way. No one deserves to feel bad. There is no way for everyone to have a good life if someone is feeling bad because the bad feeling spreads like fire. A perfect feeling of good would be the greatest thing in the world. In a perfect life, there would be no worries of bad health, no fear of murder or death of a loved one or yourself, no worry of starvation or times of misfortune. What people would do for that perfect life... So now as I end my talk of life and unfinished thoughts, I think to myself, "This will be hard to understand." Read it with friends or people you know. Whatever meaning you find in it, share it.

The author's comments:
I am the kind of person you occasionally see walking down the road that seems like he is kind of lost in where he is going, like he is getting to where he is going, but not being who he wants to be.

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