Small Things

December 15, 2008
By Austin Ricks BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
Austin Ricks BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
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“Treasure this day and treasure yourself. Truly neither will ever happen again,” Ray Bradbury said about improving ones life. However, today society tries to rush life with our jobs and busy lives. Seldom do we just stop and smell the flowers. We need to take advantage of the little things. Though they may seem insignificant at the time there may come a time when these minuscule events become important to you. I learned this lesson over this past summer.

The late-summer sun turned the sand a golden brown and the dark blue water broke on the shore in brilliant lines of white. The sun cast its reflection on the water and our resort’s palm trees hung in the background. I was here on this marvelous Mexican beach on vacation with my little brother (Kaden), my sister (Dana), my brother-in-law (Brent). Kaden is nine years old.

After our long walk past the resorts pools and Hispanic decorated building, we couldn’t help but stop and stare at the stunning scenery. For a full two or three minutes we sat there taking in everything, but our easily-distracted minds soon wandered. Kaden, Brent, and I ran to roughhouse in the irresistible waves while Dana pulled out her camera that we had all come to despise, though I can’t blame her: the beach was incredibly picturesque. We were keeping ourselves entertained by throwing Kaden into the air. We would muster up all the strength we could and throw him into the air as he squealed like a newborn piglet. Though not even this could hold our attention for more than a mere fifteen minutes, and we had to search for a new activity (Dana showed off her much more complex feminine brain by taking pictures with her camera over and over again).

We found the solution to our dilemma, a game Brent had learned as a kid called “Waves.” The game oozed with simple entertainment. You would simply follow the tide while it receded, make a mark in the sand with your foot to show how far you had gone, and then run back up the beach as the new waves rolled onto the beach. Nevertheless, it is harder than it seems. Brent and I were locked in an epic battle for dominance, while Kaden would run so close to the ocean that it was inevitable that the white and blue monster would catch him.

Unlike most things, this kept us well entertained and gave Dana the opportunity to take some breathtaking pictures of the three of us and the sun setting in the background. We eventually tired and returned to Dana to sit by her and finish our day watching the orange sun set behind the dark blue ocean and the fluffy pink and purple clouds. It had been a perfect day (even though no one won the game since there was no way to keep score).

On days when the burdens of life get me down I like to reflect on memories like this one. Just for a second the hustle of everyday life just disappears. They may be insignificant events to others, but they will remain ingrained in my brain for the rest of my life. Learn to cherish your own days on the beach and you will always have a fall back for when you’re feeling down.

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