The Beach

December 12, 2008
By Anonymous

Jack and Katie walk on the long and everlasting strip of sand on the beach side. Walking side by side they look at each other admiring each others faces. The time of day is sundown making time no matter. The two continue to walk until the reach the cove on the south side giving them the greatest view man can ask for. Jack stops Katie and takes his hands and puts it against her soft cheeks, and she blushes, he looks straight in her eyes where he can see the reflection of the sun and then he goes for the kiss. Lips touch and then the clock stops and the kiss was magical it lifted both of them off their feet. He then whispers in her ears “I Love You”. Katie then wakes up from the alarm clock and she gets up and feels her abdomen as it continue to grow, she looks at the letter next to her alarm clock with the address from Iraq, and she pulls out a picture of Jack and cries and wishes her husband comes back from the war.

The author's comments:
What inspired me to write this piece was all the Wives of brave patriots that served our country, and I think all of them have had a dream like this one because they have all missed thier loved one and wish them to be back safely.

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