How I've Always Imagined It

December 12, 2008
By Martha Stettler, Sedan, KS

Have you ever thought something was so beautiful you just loved it? It comes only once a year, but it just tickles you to death.

Imagince yourself walking downtown during the month of December. What do you see?

You probably see stores decorated inside and out with Christmas lights, and inside right in the middle of the store is a gorgeous, well lit Christmas tree. It's decorated not only with lights, but with very old, antique ornaments. If you take a look below the tree, you'll see a choo-choo train driving round and round.

Keep walking further! Look to your left. There's the town ice skating rink. All the children are gathered there wearing coats and ear muffs, skating, laughing, and having fun. Even if you were to fall, somebody would be right beside you to help you up.

Look to the ground! What's this you're walking on? Could it be SNOW! Just look all around, a blanket of white. Look at the perfectness of the snow. Don't you just like looking out the windows of your house and seeing that none of the snow has been walked on. I wish even if you did walk on it, somehow it didn't make a footprint.

If you look straight ahead of you, you'll notice the town Christmas tree. This year it's the biggest one ever. It's decorated, much like the stores, with lights and ornaments. Most importantly gathered around the tree is the town. They are gathered around sining Christmas carols.

Every year on December 24, the town attends midnight mass at the town's church. The feeling on everybody gathering in one place to celebrate a wonderful day and the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. There's worship, communion, and the annual singing of "Silent Night" while lighting candles and turning off all the lights. The way the church lights up is just an amazing picture.

Everything about this month brings a smile to my face. If I was given the oppurtunity to pick any month to repeat itself, it would definitely be December!

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mammakate said...
on Dec. 23 2008 at 9:47 pm
Wow! Brings tears to my eyes! Just like "It's a Wonderful Life"!


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