I believe

December 11, 2008
By Hayley Goodman, Miami Beach, FL

When I read magazines, like, “In Touch”, or “People” I think, “I wish I was as pretty as her” or “I wish I could trade lives with them”, but rarely do I think of the repercussions of fame. No privacy. No people you can truly trust. Your every move being criticized.
We live in a world full of unattainable expectations. Even I have wished I was “prettier” or I looked like Jessica Biel because of the prominence of media in all of our lives. More than once in my life I have wished that I would be famous in the future. But I’ve come to a point in my life where I’ve realized being famous isn’t everything.
I believe that being good looking and famous is overrated. I believe that money does not buy happiness. I’m not saying that lack of money does either. I’ve learned I can be happy with my life, a normal life, rather than the life I think I want.
People rarely think of the downside of fame. Even when we see people like Britney Spears and see what fame has done to them.

Hollywood has changed the perception of things like beauty. You have to be skinny to be considered attractive; you have to have a certain type of nose, these eyes and that hair. The media have created the impossible goal of perfection. After all we are all human, aren’t we? It’s the quirks and imperfections that make people unique and beautiful.
In my school I notice that girls are trying to look a certain way. News flash: stop trying to change yourself. Girls in my grade continue to use comments like, “I’m so ugly” or “I’m so fat” and it bothers me that they cannot look past these superficial qualities. In my own community perfection is often trying to be achieved with the latest plastic surgery or anti-aging treatment. Do they think they look good when they can’t move their face or show any emotion? If they do I definitely don’t agree. I often find myself thinking, “What were they thinking?”.
I believe that everyone is beautiful in his or her own way and we should love ourselves as we are. I believe in being who I am and not who others want me to be. I believe in focusing more on being happy with myself, rather than focusing on others being happy with who I am. I believe that it’s more important that I accept myself rather than worrying about what other people think of me.
If I believe in myself and silence what others think, I can live life to the best of my ability. If I put the idea of what society thinks is beautiful behind me and stop striving for society’s creation of perfection I can find true happiness. I realize trying so hard to be what society wants me to be wasn’t worth it after all. I’m fine just the way I am. This, I believe.

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