December 8, 2008
Today’s choices shape our future. As William Ralph Inge once said “Our future is in our own hands, to make or to mar.” I believe he spoke truly and that we can and will decide our future. Our future, our past, and our present we can mold. It is true that our choices today will change the future just as our choices in the past have changed the present. No matter what choice you make you can never change it, never withdraw it, and you can never fix it. Our future is our own to toy with as we please. Truly, William Ralph spoke truly when he said that the future is in our own hands, for you and only you can change your future.

For instance, if you choose suddenly to not do your homework, then that choice recedes into the past and can never be fixed. You pay the folly for your choices and nothing you can do will fix it. For example if you choose to be tardy to class to chat with a friend, the blame falls on you. It was your choice and your consequence. As a result rarely will the excuse “He made me!” pull any weight. You made yourself do it and you bear the consequences.

Or, if you make a good choice such as studying for a test it will profoundly affect your future. Sure it doesn’t sound like much but establishing a study habit will make you more successful which in turn will affect your future life and career. Once again we come back to the startling reality that WE shape our own future. Many people would say that I utter blasphemy or heresy but no, god does not guide our path, nor does our parents or our teachers. We ourselves are responsible for making or breaking our lives.

Our past will also influence our future. Choices made years ago will profoundly affect you years away. Nothing we do is static; everything we do affects everything else. No matter how small, how insignificant it seems what we do today can and most certainly will affect tomorrow. No matter what our choices today, yesterday, tomorrow, and next week will affect our lives. Every choice matters even if we don’t really know it. With that in mind live your lives the way you want them and never ever make a bad choice or decision.

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