Swimming Victims of the Japanese

December 8, 2008
Swimming Victims of the Japanese

Did you know that the Japanese kill about 100 whales per year? They even kill the endangered fin whale! When the Japanese kill the whales and take them out of the water, the water is red with blood from the whale. This also affects the other creatures that live near where the boat is at that time. Do you care about this?

Iceland, Norway, and the Japanese kill whales, and this I am not happy with this. (Iceland left the IWC (International Whaling Commission) in 1992 in protest to the ban on whaling. They rejoined in 2002, smelling white whale blood, to support Japan with their pro whaling votes. Iceland broke the ban on whaling in October 2006 by killing an endangered fin whale. This fin whale is the first kill by Iceland and marks the resumption to commercial whaling for the country.) This needs to come to an end. If it does not, the fin whale will become extinct and gone forever.

However, the IWC is on our side. They are a popular group that is trying to stop commercial whaling. They are pretty much the only professional whaling-stopping group out there. This is group’s work is the best solution to stop the Japanese whaling. I am happy that they are out there trying to help.

Something else to consider, I did some research on the Japanese. Have you seen the TV show named Whale Wars? If you ever catch it on TV, it is a perfect example of what the Japanese do. It shows how the IWC is trying to help, how the Japanese kill the whales, and what the killed whales are used for. It will also explain why the Japanese only harvest humpback and killer whales, which they kill 50 of each per year.

The Japanese government is the one who wants whaling, and not Japan’s people. The Japanese are killing the whales for their fins, blubber, meat, oil, and skin. During World War 2, whale meat became a popular ration in the Japanese soldier’s food in the war because it was so cheap, and lots of it. Today, whale supplies are high on demand, which is the reason for nonstop whaling by the Japanese.

By donating to the IWC, you can help stop whaling in Japan. Remember, the IWC is out there trying to help. You can even donate to help keep the fin whale alive. Don’t be cruel like the Japanese, save the whales!

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