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October 26, 2008
By Anonymous

I believe that having adults in ones life influences and helps shape who we become in the future. When we have adults around our everyday life we learn from them. We learn from their actions and their mistakes, or at least we should.

When I take a look at my parents as an example, I observe and analyze them closely, like what they do and what they tell me. When my parents were young they weren’t able to go far with their education, and they remind me of that situation everyday and anytime they can. Due to the circumstances that my mother lost her mom when she was only 1 year old, my grandfather didn’t have the money or the time to influence her to go to school. My grandfather knew that she and her other sisters needed the best education that they deserved but knowing and doing are two different things.
Now my father on the other hand, wasn’t able to finish school because he had 16 brothers and sisters. My grandparents barely had enough money to feed them all so they weren’t able to pay for their studying. My father had to work, since he was one of the oldest, he had to help out. My parents are a great influence in my life. They support me with whatever I decide to do, regarding my career. They follow me step by step, to make sure that I am going across the correct path. They too observe me, to help me become a better person. I know that what they do, they do because they want what’s best for me.
Another example of adults who help shape my future are the teachers that have come across my life. I see them 5 times a week and about an hour a day. The teachers are always talking about what is best for us. They tell us their life situations, and how they struggled to get to where they remain standing now. They also remind us of where we stand and what we can do to stand each day for a higher position. The teachers’ words influence us a lot with our critical thinking. I consider them as our second parents. They teach us what our parents aren’t able to. They may not bathe us or give is clothes but they care just as much as our parents do for our education. They too are always there when I need something. If we need of their attention and education they will not refuse to give it to us. The teachers have a way of making us understand certain things that no one else can. They keep our minds running on positive. We hear from them what we want to hear. We listen, they teach. They lead, we follow. They say, and we obey. We have questions, and 90% of the time, they have the answers. The teachers are a big part of our future. There will always be someone teaching us new things and helping us guide ourselves to be the next successful generation.
I have two fully-grown sisters. They are too adults, of the ages 27 and 25. They didn’t make the right decisions growing up and now they regret it. They influence me to learn from their mistakes and to make the right ones. They make me see their struggling lives from their point of views and make me realize the mistakes they did. They make me think of ways to improve the actions I take. They influence me to be more responsible and think before I do or say. My sisters and parents expect me to be the person that they weren’t able to be. They expect me to stand were they aren’t able to stand, they want the best for me! I take their advices as a new chapter of my teenage life.
Every adult that comes across my life influences me in one way or another. They may not know it, but they help me make my everyday decisions. I believe that having adults in my life are a very important contribution to our learning and education. They help prepare us for life, our life.

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