Class Trips

October 26, 2008
By Kiara Mendez, Brookyn, NY

Class trips are a more visual and hands-on way for a student to learn outside of the class room, yet there aren’t enough trips offered, especially in high schools. Trips are
necessary in certain classes and are what students look forward to having. There should be more trips in schools because they are a helpful way for a student to learn.

Certain classes that should allow students to go on trips would include any sciences, history, and art classes. Students need to have a more hands-on approach and closer look into what they are learning, and going on trips would give them that opportunity.

Trips are a useful and fun way of getting outside information on a particular subject. It is a good source to turn to for getting additional information for a project or to help understand something more clearly such as information given from guides or movies at a museum, information given under or by a piece of art or artifact, or hands on experiments or feel to something in a park or science museums. Students need to have a closer approach to and closer look into what they are learning, and going on trips would give them that opportunity.

It’s also a fun way of learning when a student isn’t stuck in a classroom being forced to listen to a teacher, take notes, and have to understand something from just the teacher’s explanation. By going on trips, such as to a museum, students can learn from what they see or what a guide tells them.

Some people may think that students don’t learn when they go on trips and that they just go to get out of school and to hang out with their friends. To show that students
learned something that day, teachers should give an assignment during or after the trip. This way students have no choice but to pay attention and take notes. Any assignments
given should be based on notes they take during the trip or write a page on what they had learned and got out of the trip.

Trips are a helpful and important asset to a education. They are needed to help a student’s understanding and knowledge on a certain subject/topic. Class trips are needed to get students interested in learning and out of that boring setting in a classroom.

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