Physician Assisted Suicide

May 30, 2014
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Physician Assisted Suicide

Although it is legal in some states for physicians to assist a patient in suicide, it is true that most American citizens would consider it morally wrong and that’s why it’s illegal in other states. Euthanasia can be done alone but it is much safer to have a doctor assisting the patient because most patients don’t know how to handle this type of situation. Maybe this is the whole controversy, maybe people are okay with the idea of euthanasia but find it wrong to assist someone in their decisions. Even when people decide upon euthanasia, it’s clear to see why people are completely against physician assisted suicide and view it as morally wrong.

Physician assisted suicide is very controversial but is it so bad if the patient actually wants euthanasia? There’s really no wrong in that; other than the fact that either way a doctor assisting in suicide can be considered man slaughter. It is true that the doctor is “killing” a person-which contradicts a doctor’s job-through the process of Euthanasia. However, even after everything stated above, none of it should matter if it’s the decision of the patient. People are putting way too much emphasis on what doesn’t matter; it shouldn’t matter if the doctor is potentially committing man slaughter because unless if people can just consider it man slaughter without using the word potentially then it’s not relevant in any way. But, people need to focus on the problems occurring in the patients’ life for them to make such a decision instead of worrying about the wrong thing because there is a lot more help involved in that, instead of these ideas distracting us from helping.

Nevertheless, a small reason to people being unsure with physician assisted suicide is the fact that doctors are supposed to do exactly the opposite of that. Well then maybe doctors have been titled wrongly. Doctors aren’t just here to make people feel better, they are here to help and it is up to them because they are some of the only people trained for all this. No one wants a bum trying to assist in a gigantic surgery, it’s just unrealistic, as it is unrealistic to take away doctors rights in assisting these people.

Most importantly, a doctor assisting in suicide could maybe be considered man slaughter, but as stated before no one can ultimately call it man slaughter. This is due to the fact that these patients are choosing to go through with euthanasia. And the doctor is not technically killing anyone because the person is willingly wanting to die. Which ultimately sums up that our society is worrying about completely the wrong thing. People should focus more on the fact that these people are wanting to take their lives away and how we might be able to solve this problem.

Ideally, when people focus more on the real problem which is that people are wanting to take their own lives. We, as a society can actually get down onto what is really going on in people’s lives and try to fix the issue. The world would be a much happier place because we won’t be focusing on the negatives and things we can’t control. But, we will be focusing on how to accomplish making these people’s lives much better. So again, is physician assisted suicide really so bad? It might be to some, but to others it might not matter at all. Which is apparent in America because some states make it illegal for physicians to assist in suicide, while other states don’t because some find it morally wrong while others agree with the practice of physician assisted suicide.

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