May 30, 2014
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Being sick, somthing noboy likes to be. I wish there was no sickness in the world, because being sick is the worst. When you are ill you do not have much of a choice of what your day will be like. You have to stay in bed and rest for the most part, until your sickness goes away. Usually what I end up doing is laying down in bed and watching T.V or playing video games, or just on my phone. The worst part about it is that all your friends are at school, so you can’t talk to them or call them or anything because they are bussy doing work at school. When you are sick during a weekday and you are forced to miss school it is very frusterating, because you then have to struggle the rest of the week to trying to catch up by doing make-up work. When I was sick with the flu it I couldn’t go to school wednesday or thursday this year, and I spent the majority of my weekend trying to do the make-up work that everyone else had already completed. Hopefully when you are sick you are able to see a doctor and see what your illness is, so you can get the proper medicine to help your recovery go faster. Without medicine you might be laying in bed and worrying about your makeup work for a few extra days. I guess it all depends on the type of sickness you get, I hate being sick.

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