May 27, 2014
Everything used to be bright and light. The colours used to dazzle, the smells were more vivid, the textures felt beautiful and sound was comforting. Duty came second and playing came first. Clothes were meant to get dirty and hair was bound to get messy. Shoes weren’t mandatory. Throwing stuff, like sand, at people was acceptable. Fights were forgotten within minutes and friends were easy to make. Any time was time for dessert. Nap time felt like punishment. Staying up late was fun. Crayons and paper were enough to keep boredom at bay. A story could easily make you sleep. Ice-cream was a part of our daily diet. Even car rides used to be exciting. We could just run. Run with the wind in our hair and smile on our faces. Smiles were easy and laughter endless. We would just run and fall and cry then get up and run again, the smile back on our face. We weren’t afraid of jumping into mud, or drawing on the walls, or climbing trees or rolling in the grass.
Now, look what happened to us. Duty comes first and we come last. Our image matters more than our comfort. Clothes, shoes, and hair, everything has to look impeccable. We can’t even speak our minds anymore because it might offend someone. Petty fights over ridiculous issues are prevalent and persisting. Food is eaten only when necessary and chocolate is treated with the utmost disrespect people can manage. Some certain people on diets actually don’t eat chocolate. Ever. A zero size and thigh gap is more important than a full stomach and chocolate. Sleep ,which is hard to come by, feels like heaven and staying up late is more like a force of habit. 90% of our day consists of boredom and the rest 10% is probably stress. Waves of boredom, mixed with stress, keep visiting the beach of our life everyday again and again without fail. Sometimes all the technology in the world is not enough to counter the boredom cause due to the monotonous routine we follow daily of our very uninteresting life. The colours are still bright, textures still beautiful, smells still vivid and sounds still comforting, it is just that we are too ‘busy’ to appreciate them.
We adjusted every day. Every day we changed ourselves a little so that the society wouldn’t have any problems. We stopped playing in the mud, we stopped climbing trees, we stopped running for no reason and eventually we stopped smiling. But our souls yearn to be free. It wants to run and fall and get up and run again. Our soul is not afraid of anything. It doesn’t mind falling. So why do we mind falling? Because of our voice of reason and the teaching of appropriate behaviour by society. Well let’s do ourselves a favour and disregard all these lessons and listen to our soul for once. Let your worries slide and roll in the grass. Just roll in the grass.

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