You aren't a walking volcano, are you ?

April 14, 2014
Hate. It’s pretty powerful, isn’t it? People often say hate is just another form of love. Now, I haven’t felt the sensation of love. Sure I love my family. I would go to any lengths to protect them. And yes, I love my friends. I would definitely help them when they need it and be there for them. I love and cherish most of the people in my life.
But I have never fallen in love. I have never felt love in all its glory. Thus, I don’t know what it feels like, to be in love. But I have read and heard about it. Love makes you do things you generally won’t, it changes you. From what I deduce, love can either facilitate your success or lead you to your demise.
Love is quite dangerous. Dangerous and powerful. So is hate. Hate is as powerful and dangerous as love, if not more. Sometimes, love fades. Overtime it might decrease. But not hate. It hardly ever fades away, never on its own. Hate usually persists. It lies, like a snake, in wait. It strikes when it sees an opportunity. The venom of hate consists of dishonest, resentment and bitterness. In a world which is said to be run by love and hunger, hatred holds all the cards.
Hate can consume you. It may take up permanent residence in your mind and make you insane. More often than not, we regret saying hateful things in anger. Hate ends only when you do. Hate, like a parasite, uses up the body to avail food and shelter and provides nothing in return. Nothing good ever comes out from harboring rage inside the body. My advice- let it go.
If love can fade, so can hatred. But it requires conscious effort from our side. Let hate rise out of your body, like a helium balloon. Let it leave your body and get out of your sight. Or lock your hate inside a cupboard and throw the key into the sea, and set the cupboard on fire if necessary.
Hate is like a cataract. It makes your vision blurry. Without hate, you can see the world clearly. But you need to get an operation done to remove the cataract and you are the only person qualified enough to do this job.
So I say forgo hate. Hating people because they belong to a particular class, race or religion is just baseless. Hating people because of their sexual preference or their choices is not anybodies right. Hating people because of their color or accent just doesn’t make sense. Hatred means anger and anger burns blood cells. Why don’t we spread love instead?
Hatred is like lava in a volcano. It bubbles beneath the surface. It is hot and scorching. It might burn people on contact. It is dangerous and unpredictable. Islands with active volcanoes are often left deserted. This island might be your life. Love and hate are just side two sides of a coin; you can either spread the love or spread the hate. Your choices make you what you are. And here you have two choices. Do you want to be a walking volcano or a human?

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